Are There Any Side Effects of Hair Transplant?

Victim of hair loss? Thinking on the lines of a hair transplant? Availing the services of the best hair transplant surgeon in India is the best option. More and more people are choosing this hair restoration method to get back their lost confidence and hair back. Desirable results also churn in which does mean they are safe. Though it is a safe procedure, but there are some complications you need to be aware of.

Though the side effects of hair transplant vary from  an individual to another one, you are likely to experience some problem with grafting and you enjoy good looks without any risk being part of it. But there are some side effects and let us go through them in details.

Hair Becoming Thinning

After a hair transplant you may feel that the hair is about to grow. This is not the case though, as patients do face loss of hair after surgery. It is referred to as shedding and works out to be a normal process after a surgery. The hair root is intact and the shaft falls down creating new space for the hair to emerge. For a couple of weeks hair fall is common, but if it stretches for a longer period of time, it does indicate that you have got the surgeon performed from an in experienced surgeon. Any top notch clinic does perform counselling sessions for a client.


One of the minor side effects of hair transplantation is numbness. This is going to stretch for weeks after transplant. But if it goes beyond repair avail the services of a doctor.


Hair transplant patients do experience a degree of itchiness. Due to evolution of crabs it does take place, and this is exactly after the procedure of grafting. With the help of a shampoo or moisturizing oil this problem could be overcome. If the problem exceeds a desired level, then it is suggested to visit a doctor.


No matter if it is a full hair transplant risks or nicks are bound to be there. The chances are pretty high that you would need to face some infections. For this reason it is suggested that a few bouts of antibiotics or a counselling session is necessary before you head for a hair transplantation procedure.

These are minor risks associated with hair transplantation procedure, though it should not be major ones.


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